Youth soccer club in Brooklyn, New York. Since 1996.




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Weekend Schedule


Saturday November 22 2014


         U-8"C"West Alec Sabov Vs BW Gottschee 05          10:00A.M. at Brennan Field

          U-9 "B" West Luben Mihailov Vs BW Gottschee 05             9:45A.M. at Scarangella Park

             U-9"C" Luben Mihailov Vs Ny Stars Premier Sirius                  11:15A.M. at Scarangella Park

          U-10 "C" East Oleg Sarumov Vs Coney Island Cyclones            8:00A.M. at Bill Brown Memorial Park

         U-12 "B" West Arsen Ismailov Vs Brooklyn United CDT  8:25A.M. at Scagangella Park

U-13 "B" Bors Kraytman Vs DUSC Fluminense 12:30P.M at Pier 40 CY East

         U-14 "B"West Elshan Gambarov Vs Chelsea Piers Crew 10:15A.M. at Dust Bowl Field  __________________________________________________

Sunday November 23 2014 

U-14 "B" West Elshan Gambarov Vs CIC 99 Eagles 8:00P.M. at Calvert Vaux Park (Verrazano Complex) Front Field  N1



U-10 "B" Coach Oleg Sarumov Saturday November 22  12:45 P.M. at Bk All Sport

U-11 Coach Elshan Gambarov Saturday November 22 12:45 A.M. at Bk All Sport

U-8 "B" Coach Alec Sabov & Danny Toyser Sunday November 23 10:00 A.M. at Bk All Sport



Congratulations to U-17 for winning CJSL Cup Tournament 2013


Congratulations to U-10 team and coach Elshan Gambarov with 2-nd place at Futbolito Tournament!



Cosmos, the most famous soccer club of USA where such famous soccer players as Pele (best player of 20-th century) played in a past, invite you to a Country championship matches.





Congratulations to U-10 and coach Elshan Gambarov for 2 nd place at Soccer coliseum!

Congratulations to U-13 and coach Elshan Gambarov for 2 nd place at Soccer coliseum!



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Congratulations to U-10 team and coach Elshan Gambarov with 2-nd place at Futbolito Tournament!






Chernomorets executive team with famous Giovanni Savarese

Chernomorets Soccer School is not just a soccer school. We constantly present various motivational events to our members. On the photo, FBI Special Agent Shawn Mullen, Director of the school, Oleg Sarumov and several of our members.






The main goal of Chernomorets Soccer Club (CSC) is to instill a healthy life style for our children through the learning of soccer as a game and as a sport.

At CSC we set high standards. We value and promote discipline, sportsmanship, and care. We teach our players to be punctual, fair, and respectful. During our practices, children build a strong character that lasts and we guide them to maintain the acquired strength.

At CSC we personalize every practice. We focus and work on areas of improvement with each player during, before, or after practice. We encourage our children to aim high, reach far, and go beyond the limits to succeed.

At CSC we emphasize the importance of health. We provide necessary tolls to help our children be or get into good shape.

At CSC we are committed to unity. Our children form new friendships, fortify the existing relations, and build stronger bond with their parents.


FBI visits Chernomorets - Meet and Greet session with Chernomorets members




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Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties



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