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Chernomorets of Queens

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Attention Travel Team Players:

Please check the travel team rosters then the time and location

of when and where your child will be practicing. 


Scarangella Park

5:15pm Niko U -11A 2007
Alisher - U -12 C 2006-2007
Aron Recreational 9y.o,10y.o,11y.o

Niko U -12B 2006

Alisher U -8A 2010
Arsen U -8a 2010


5:30pm Kolia U -6, U -7b Court
6:30PM Elshan U -4, U -5 Court
7:30pm Elshan Recreational U -10, u -11, u -12

Saturday, Sept 16th

Scarangella Park

8:15am U -9z A-division 2010 Alisher
U -9z A-division 2010 Arsen White
U -9z B-division 2010 Elshan
U -9 B-division 2009 Alisher

West 1st Park 

11am U -4 Kolia

U -5 Farid

U -7 Luben
11am U -12C Alisher
U -12 B Niko
12pm U -13 Elshan vs U -14 Luben


Sat, September 16, 2017

U - 11a Coach Niko

Game Time Home Away Field
14335 4:55 PM F.C. Select FCS 2007  vs  Chernomorets 07 Black Sea White  Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5 Pier 5 Field #2 Small-Sided

U - 11b West Coach Rafael

Game Time Home Away Field
13604 10:30 AM  Silver Lake Soccer Academy Juventus vs   Chernomorets 07 Black Sea Blue Miller Field Miller #05 - Small-Sided

If you want to sign your child up for our program: 

Our first session will be free! Schedule options are listed below.

You can choose either once or twice per week. 

Schedule for Newcomers

4 Years Old 

5 Years Old

Monday 6:30pm Wednesday 6:30pm Saturday 11:00am

6 Years Old

7 Years Old

Monday 5:30pm Wednesday 5:30pm Saturday 11:00am

7 Years Old

8 Years Old

9 Years Old

Tuesday 7:30pm Thursday 7:30pm

10 Years Old

11 Years Old

Tuesday 5:30pm Thursday 5:30pm

12 Years Old

13 Years Old

14 Years Old

Tuesday 7:30pm Thursday 7:30pm


to the Champions




U-11B, U-13B, U-14B, U -16A

of CJSL 2017 Spring Season


Congratulations to U-10, U-13, and coach Elshan Gambarov for 2nd place

at the Soccer coliseum!


to U-10 team and coach Elshan Gambarov with 2nd place at Futbolito Tournament!

Chernomorets executive team with famous Giovanni Savarese

Chernomorets Soccer School is not just a soccer school. We constantly

present various motivational events to our members.

In the photo, FBI Special Agent Shawn Mullen, Director of the school,

Oleg Sarumov and several of our members.

The main goal of Chernomorets Soccer Club (CSC) is to instill a healthy life style for our

children through the learning of soccer as a game and as a sport.

At CSC we set high standards. We value and promote discipline, sportsmanship, and care.

We teach our players to be punctual, fair, and respectful.

During our practices,children build a strong character that lasts and we guide them to maintain theacquired strength.

At CSC we personalize every practice. We focus and work on areas of improvementwith each player during, before, or after practice.

We encourage our children to aim high,reach far, and go beyond the limits to succeed.

At CSC we emphasize the importance of health. We provide necessary tolls to help our

children be or get into good shape.

At CSC we are committed to unity. Our children form new friendships, fortify the existingrelations, and build stronger bond with their parents.

FBI visits Chernomorets - Meet and Greet session with Chernomorets members



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Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties



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